Storage system for loading reports - PCC 400

PCC400 Connection 650px

The PCC 400 can communicate with up to 8 Batching Master, BC20 or Pipeline Master. The loading protocols or counted values are stored in an internal database. The printout of the report can be done automatically after each batch process or after a manual selection in the PCC 400 menu.

There is an additional database inside the PCC 400 available which stores the complete batch information parallel to the storing of the loading reports. 

PCC400 in control panel 350pxThe batch report can show the following information:

  • Fixed text block before the printout
  • Station name
  • Consecutive batch number
  • Date/time batch start
  • Date/time batch end
  • Preset value
  • Batched quantity in mass
  • Bached quantity in volume
  • Batched quantity in standard volume
  • Last failure message during the batch
  • Fix text at the end of the printout

In addition a non-CT proofed PDF-file of the loading report will be stored at a drive of the PCC 400 which is available by Ethernet.

Different MID approvals for custody transfer are available.

The PCC 400 works without connected mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Indication of the custody transfer loading protocols:

At the left side of the software there is a list with all loading protocols. By a klick on the protocol in the list, the selected protocol will be indicated at the right side of the software. The selected protocol can be printed via a connected printer.

PCC400 Printout 630px


List with the loading information in the internal data base:

This table shows the complete information of the loading processes. It is possible to filter the information by the station name and the date and then the selected information can be exported into a CSV file.

PCC400 List Batches

Configuration of the loading protocols:

The loading protocol of each loading station can be programmed separately. Fixed text blocks for the beginning and for the end of the protocol can be programmed. It is possible to select which values have to be printed and headline can be translated or modified.

PCC400 Printout Configuration