Flow computer for continuous flow metering systems

Pipeline Master Krohne EN 300pxThe 1-channel flow computer Pipeline Master 210i is used at continuous flow metering systems.

Input signals are flow rate, temperature, density and pressure. Calculations between mass, volume and volume at 15 °C are available.

Six counter blocks are available:
One non-resettable main counter and five resttable counters can work as batch counters. 

Batches can be started and stopped by the keyboard of the device, by a digital input or by the Modbus interface. The counter values of the batch will be printed and stored in the PCC 400.

Indicated values:

mass200pxEN The Pipeline Master can display the following values:

  • Actual mass flow rate
  • Actual volume flow ratedensity200pxEN
  • Actual standard volume flow
  • Actual temperature
  • Actual pressurevolume200pxEN
  • Actual density
  • Actual calculated base density
  • values of the counter blocks A - F

Values in the counter blocks A-F:

  • Forward counters in mass, volume and standard volume
  • Forward failure counters in mass, volume and standard volume
  • Reverse counters in mass, volume and standard volume
  • Reverse failure counters in mass, volume and standard volume
  • Average temperature
  • Average density
  • Average pressure

Photo: Pipeline Master 210 for the using at continuous metering systems in a refinery.

Pipeline Master in control panel

Printout of the counter values and batch protocols:

Up to 16 flow computers, type Pipeline Master can be connected to one custody transfer communication controller PCC 400. The PCC 400 creates protocols with the counter values. These protocols can be printed and also stored on the PCC 400.

API flow conversion function:

The flow conversion functions are used for the calculation between volume, mass and volume at standard temperature. The calculation can be done via temperature, density and pressure. The formula is conform API 2540 for crude oil, refined products and special products in metric units. A second linear formula is also available.

Inputs and outputs:

  • 1 x double pulse input, active
  • 3 x analog input 4-20 mA, passive
  • 5 x digital input, active
  • 5 x digital output, passive
  • 2 x Modbus interface