Batch controller / dosing counter BC 20

BC20 600pxEN

The batch controller type BC 20 is designed for automation of simple batch and dosing applications in the safe area. The back lighted LCD has a character high of 5,6 mm.

Due to the numeric keyboard and the 2-line display the BC 20 is simple to use and the operator has a perfect overview about the dosing process.

The BC 20 is a low priced device but is provides a lot of special functions e.g. for truck loading which are normally available only at high end batch and loading controllers.

If the filling process is controlled by on/off valves, it's possible to activate an automatic overfill / underfill compensation function in order to optimize the batch accuracy.

Link to the presentation of the BC 20

The following information is indicated:

  • BC20 Feldgehäuse EN 300pxPre-set value
  • Batched quantity
  • Status of the dosing process
  • Actual flow rate
  • Error messages

Inputs and outputs:

  • 1 x pulse input, active
  • 3 x 4-20 mA input, passive
  • 3 x digital input, active
  • 2 x relay output, passive
  • 2 x transistor output, passive
  • 1 x 4-20 mA, valve output, active
  • 1 x RS485 Modbus interface

Precise batch results with the 4-20 mA valve output

Stellgliedausgang ENThe BC 20 is able to control the batching valve with a 4-20 mA output signal. Because of a soft-start ramp and a 5-step shut down ramp also small quantities can be batched with highest accuracy.

No pressure "hammers" in high flow rate systems

This problem is eliminated because of the soft start-ramp and the shut-down ramp of the batching valve.

PID flow rate controller

BM flowcontroller 200px

The PID flow controller makes it possible to control the flow rate during the batch process.

Flow rate monitoring

BM ErrMInFlowEN200pxIf the flow rate during the batch falls below a programmed value, then the BC 20 stops the batch process after a programmed time. This function prevents the uncontrolled filling during a failure in the measuring system.

Connection diagram of a simple dosing system with a BC20:

Simple dosing system with BC20 650px

Modbus data communication (optional)

Via the RS 485 Modbus interface a customers' DCS system is able to read the actual information about the batching process. By writing function it is possible to send the preset value to the BC 20 or to start and stop the batch. In a special Modbus address range, the information for the printing of batch protocols is provided.

Storage of the batch protocols via the PCC 400

The batch controller BC 20 uses the same Modbus protocol, like Batching Master 110i/210i. Due to this, the PCC 400 can be used for the printing of batching protocols and for different communication solutions, like the data exchange to MySQL data bases.BC20 PCC 400 EN 620px

Order options:

Order number:  Description:
 500-0110  BC 20-DC: Power supply: 24 VDC
 500-0130  4-20 mA current output for the control of a batching valve, active
 500-0140  PID flow control during the batch process
 500-0150  RS485 Modbus interface
 A-500-0160  IP 65 field housing