Batch and Loading Systems

Batch controller Batching Master 110i/210i

BatchingMaster100i200iEN250pxThe intrinsically safe batch controller Batching Master 110i/210i is designed for the control of truck loading applications in the hazardous area, ATEX zone 1.
A lot of functionalities for exact and safe loading processes are available.
Important information for a safe loading process are shown locally at the loading terminal. In the case of a problem, the loading process can be interrupted via an emergency stop switch.

Typical applications:

  • Exact control of truck loading systems and railway wagon loadings
  • Control of IBC filling systems and container loadings stations
  • Dosing systems for liquid products in production areas
  • Control of the ship loading systems.

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Flow computer for continuous metering systems
Pipeline Master 110i/210i


  • For continuous flow metering systems at pipelines or for flow measuring systems between two companies
  • Custody transfer proofed metering systems for alcohol or alcohol based solvents
  • Printout and storage of the counter values via the communication controller PCC 400
  • Six counter blocks can work as batch counters or in fixed time intervals, like daily counters
  • Flow conversion functions conform API 2540, tables A-C in metric units are available

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Batch controller BC 20BC20 FH E 200px

  • Dosing counter for safe area applications, e.g. in the food industries
  • Automatic batch overrun and under batch compensation function
  • Ramping functions for a safe and exact batching processes
  • PID flow control function and Modbus interface optional
  • Power supply: 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC

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Batch controller for belt scales

BC20 150pxEN

  • Dosing counters alto for the using in ATEX zone 1 available
  • Control fuctions for the product flow rate available
  • Ramping functions for a safe and exact batching processes
  • MODBUS-Schnittstelle zur Kommunikation mit dem PLS
  • Power supply: 24 VDC or 100-240 VAC

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Storage system for loading reports - PCC400

PCC 400 C 314

  • Printout and storage of the custody transfer batch and loading protocols
  • Software for Batching Master, BC 20 and Pipeline Master available
  • Communication to MySQL data bases or to terminal automation systems
  • Modbus slave interface to supervisory systems
  • Printout of lables for barrels or IBC's
  • Alarm lists and log files available

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Complete batch and loading systems

Truck loading system with Batching Master 110i

  • Consisting of flow meters, batch controllers, valves and panels with interface modules.
  • Support from one vendor, from the engineering to the start-up.
  • Wide range of systems: From high-end truck loading systems to simple batching systems in the food industries.
  • Documentation: Connection diagrams, dimensional drawings and intrinsically safe circuit verifications.

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