Tank side monitor TTM 100

Data acquisition system for storage tanks


The TTM 100 consists of a multi-point temperature measuring element, connected to the TTM 100 A, which is mounted at the top of the tank and a TTM 100B that is mounted at ground level near the tank. Both devices are communicating by an interface.

The TTM 100 is ATEX proofed and can be installed locally in the tank farm.


  • Multipoint temperature transmitter (maximum 16 Pt100)
  • API conversion functions for the calculation of the Volume at 15°C
  • RS 485 Modbus interface for the transmitting of the data to a DCS
  • Analogue inputs for pressure signals
  • Local display

TTM 100 A (mounted on the top of the tank)

  • Connection of the multi point temperature element
  • Two intrinsically safe 4-20 mA inputs

TTM 100 B (mounted at ground level at the tank)

  • Communication interfaces
  • Tank computer function
  • Local display
  • additional I/O (4 - 20 mA, relay output)