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Intrinsically safe process instruments for the local installation in hazardous areas - ATEX zone 1:

Exi Process Instuments

Typical truck loading system with the Batching Master 110i:

E+H Loading E 620px

Communication solutions to MySQL data bases

Loading with MySQLGeneral description:

At truck loading facilities it's required to have an information exchange between the customers Terminal Automation Software and the truck loading stations in the field. The loading stations need to have access to the open loading orders and the customers software system needs to get the loading information for the generation of delivery papers and for the invoicing. The customers want this procedure without paperwork by the operator, in order to avoid failures.

Operation at the batch controllers:

LCD Enter order Confirmtion 200pxAs access control for the loading of the truck the operator needs to enter the order number at the batch controller. Then the PCC 400 checks in the MySQL data base if the entered order is available and if the product can be loaded at the selected loading station.

LCD Customer 200pxIf the operator gets the access for the loading, then the Batching Master indicates the customer name, the product name and the pre-sent value for the truck loading. The operator is able to confirm the pre-set value or to reduce it. A higher pre-set value can't be entered.

After this interaction the operator is able to start the batching process. LCD Preset F3 NewWhen the loading is finished, the PCC 400 creates the CT loading protocol and it sends a data set with the complete loading information to the MySQL data base of the customer. This information will be used for the creation of the delivery papers and for the invoicing procedure.

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Mobile filling systems for containers and  IBC's

With a dosing system consisting of flow meter, Batching Master 110i/210i and a batching valve it's possible to build mobile filling systems for containers, IBC's and barrels. The vibration level switch at the inlet detects gas in the system. If gas is detected, then the batch will be interrupted and the gas in the system needs to eliminated by a hand valve.

Via special functionalities of the communication controller PCC 400 it's possible to print labels after the filling procedure. The following information can be shown:

- Product name
- Batched quantity
- Additional information.

IBC Verladung 500px

Truck loading system for liquid bitumen in Angola

The company Angobetumes in Angola stores liquid bitumen in heated storage tanks at 135 °C.

Angobetumes built new terminals for the loading of the liquid bitumen intospecial containers and road tankers.

The batching process is controlled by the Batching Master 110. The important information for a safe loading is indicated in the field. The loading system with the Optimass 7300C flow meter reaches accuracies better 0.2 %.

The communication controller PCC400 stores the loading results and generates loading protocols via a connected printer. The actual process data are transmitted to the DCS by an additional Modbus interface.

Bitumen loading 500px