Automation of batch reactors in the hazardous area

With IBS control instruments it's possible to realize simple automation solutions for batch reactors in the hazardous area. These solutions are very cost-efficient compared to expensive DCS systems.

  • The batch controllers can be used for the batching  of liquid basic products into the reactor.
  • The PID controllers have a lot of special functionalities like cascade temperature control.
  • The intrinsically safe recorder ExTend 200i indicates the process charts in the field.

Batch ReaktorEN600px

Data communication

The IBS control instruments are located in the hazardous area direct at the batch reactors.

These systems are operated manually in the field, but on top all instruments have Modbus interfaces which allow the communication to data storage systems or to a DCS. On this way important production data like batched quantities, flow rates, set points and other process values can be stored at the top system.

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Temperature control of batch reactors

The product and the jacket temperature controller are connected to a cascade control system. It is possible to select between "product temperature control", "jacket temperature control" and "system off" by a switch. Temperature over shoots can be avoided by special software functions. The temperature difference between product and jacked can be limited dynamically.