Batch controllers for belt scales or other flow meters for solids, granules and powders

Different batch controllers and pre-set counters from IBS BatchControl can be used for the loading of solids, granules and powders via belt scales or other flow metering systems. Different data communications e.g. to SCADA systems, data bases or terminal automation systems are available.


  • Filling machines for big bags
  • Loading of trucks at silos
  • Filling of railway wagons
  • Loading of ships

Connection diagram of a loading system with belt scale and BC 20:

BC20+Bandwaage E 620px

Types of batch and loading controllers:

Batching Master 110i/210iBatch Controller BatchingMaster100iEN300px

  • As intrinsically safe device for the using in ATEX zone 1 available.
  • It is a heavy duty device with integrated emergency stop for an easy and safe operation in the field.
  • Indication of the following information:  pre-set value, batched quantity, actual flow rate, process status and failure messages
  • Part of different MI 005 approvals for custody transfer
  • Software communication to supervisory systems by two Modbus interfaces.
  • Different systems for the creation of loading reports and for the communication to MySQL data bases and to terminal automation software packages are available.

Batch controller BC20-AC / BC20-DC

BC20 600pxEN

  • Non-Ex batch controller for not custody transfer proofed applications.
  • Easy to handle device due to a 2-line backlighted display and a numeric keyboard.
  • The BC 20 is a low priced device but is provides a lot of special functions e.g. for truck loading which are normally available only at high end batch and loading controllers.
  • If the filling process is controlled by on/off signals, it's possible to activate an automatic overfill / underfill compensation function in order to optimize the batch accuracy.
  • Different data communication solutions are available e.g. for the storage of loading reports and for the communication to data bases and software solutions for order management.

Precise batch results with the 4-20 mA valve output

Stellgliedausgang ENThe batch controllers is able to control the speed of the belt or an actuator for the product flow by a 4-20 mA output signal. Because of a soft-start ramp and a 5-step shut down ramp also small quantities can be batched with highest accuracy.

PID flow rate controller

BM flowcontroller 200px

The PID flow controller makes it possible to control the flow rate during the batch process.

Flow rate monitoring

BM ErrMInFlowEN200pxIf the flow rate during the batch falls below a programmed value, then the batch controller stops the batch process after a programmed time. This function prevents the uncontrolled filling during a failure in the measuring system.

Data communication by Modbus

Via the RS 485 Modbus interface it's possible to read out the actual batch information of the loading process. It's also possible to send the pre-set value, the flow rate set point or a batch start and stop signal to the batch controllers.
The information for a loading protocol is stored in a special address range.

Storage of loading reports by the PCC 400

Both batch controllers BC 20 and Batching Master 110i/210i can be connected to the communication PC, type PCC 400. The PCC 400 creates loading protocols and communication solutions to MySQL data bases or to customer's software packages for order management (TAS Software) can be realized.