Exi chart recorder ExTrend 200i


The intrinsically safe videographic recorder ExTrend 200i is designed for the visualisation of processes inside the hazardous area, ATEX zone 1. It's available as a 3- or 6-channel version.

The ExTrend 200i has a backlighted TFT-LC-display with an active area of 115,2 mm x 86,4 mm and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixel.

The ExTrend 200i is intrinsically safe and it requires a power supply and interface module IPM 300i, which has to be installed in the safe area.

Link to the Presentation of the ExTrend200i

Three or six analogue inputs are vailable:

  • 4-20 mA, passive (optional: aktiv)
  • Pt 100, 3-wire connection
  • Value written by Modbus

Indication possibilities:Bargraph EN400px

  • Chart indication
  • Bargraph indication
  • Indication of digital values
  • Alarm and batch lists
  • Log file

Data storage:

With a 1 GB memory and a storage rate of 1 value per channel per second it is possible to record more than 5 weeks. The stored data can be read out in blocks by the Modbus serial interface. The maximum storage rate is two values per second.

Two types of data are stored:

1. Measured values:


  • Date, time
  • six measured values with decimal points and units
  • status of the digital inputs
  • status of the alarms

2. Log file entries:

  • Date, time
  • user, parameter changes
  • alarm changes
  • batch start and stop

User authorisation management:

  • Up to 30 users
  • Log in via a code and a user name
  • Different authorisation levels