Chart recorder CR 200

CR200 200px

The videographic chart recorder CR 200 is designed for the visualisation and storage if process data.


  • Active area: 115,2 mm x 86,4 mm
  • Resolution: 320 x 240 Pixel

A three or six channel version is available.
Universal analogue inputs with galvanically isolation for following signals:

  • 4-20 mA, active source
  • Pt 100, 3-wire connection
  • Values written via Modbus


  • Waterfall recorder chart
  • Bargraph indication
  • Indication of digital values
  • Alarm and batch lists
  • Log file

Data storage:

With a 1 GB memory and a storage rate of 1 value per channel per second it is possible to record for more than 5 weeks. The stored data can be read out in blocks by the Modbus serial interface. The maximum storage rate is two values per second.
Two types of data are stored:
1. Measured values:

  • Date, time
  • six measured values with decimal points and units
  • status of the digital inputs
  • status of the alarms
  • ... and the checksum

2. Log file entries:

  • Date, time
  • user, parameter changes
  • alarm changes
  • batch start and stop
  • ... and the checksum

Software structure conform to the rules of the FDA 21 CFR Part 11

User authorisation management:

  • Bargraph EN400pxUp to 30 users
  • Log in via a code and a user name
  • Different authorisation level 
  • Informationen im Ereignis-Protokoll:
    Parameter changes
    Batch start / stop
    Alarm status changes
    Digital inputs status changes

Colour settings:

The 16 colours of the recorder can be customised unsing the RGB colour palette.
The colour of the 6 pen lines, the texts, the background and the symbols can be selected out of the 16 colours.

Indication of groups:


It is possible to define six indication groups. The indication can be swithced by the keypad. It is possible to show the six analogue inputs and the status of the six digital inputs. Example:
Group 1 = Reactor R 102
Group 2 = Reactor R 103