IPC300i300pxInterface and power supply module IPC 3x0i

 The IPC 3x0i module is designed for the intrinsically safe power supply and for the interface separation for the following:

  • Batching Master 110i
  • Batching Master 210i
  • Exi-process controller CTR 210i
  • Exi-bargraph indicator BGI 210i

The intrinsically safe TTY interface is separeted from the standard RS485 interface in safe area.

The IPC 3x0i has to be installed in the safe area on a DIN rail.


IPC300i in Kuba 

The following types are available:

TypePower supply outputInterface
IPC 300i Exib IIC 24 V / 50 mA Exib IIC
IPC 310i Exib IIC 19 V / 50 mA Exib IIC
IPC 320i Exib IIC 6 V / 100 mA Exib IIC

Technical data:

Ex designation: 0158 II (2) G (ATEX)
Ex class: [Ex ib] IIC (ATEX)
Power supply: 24V DC
Current rate: 160 mA
Housing: for DIN-rail mounting
Dimensions: 22,5 mm x 100 mm x 115 mm (w x h x d)
Exi safety values:    Data see EC type examination certificate