PID process controller CTR 210

CTR210 150pxWith the PID process controller CTR 210 complex control applications for the process automation can be solved.

The following information can be indicated:

  • Process variable
  • Set point
  • Control deviation
  • Output signal
  • Manual / automatic mode
  • TAG-No.

The following inputs and outputs are available:

  • Three analog inputs 4-20 mA (passiv) or optional Pt100 (3-wire)
  • Two analog outputs 4-20 mA for the valve control
  • Six digital inputs for switch functions
  • Six digital outputs for alarm functions
  • Modbus interface, RS485

Special functions for batch reactors:

  • Splitrange output for control of heating and cooling valves
  • Cascade control for product and jacket temperature
  • Double loop controller
  • 16-step setpoint programmer function
  • Avoiding of overshots of the product temperature
  • Limitation of the temperature difference between product and jacket
  • Dynamic activation of the integral algorithm
  • Switching function via digital inputs: different parameter sets, security outputs, setpoint ramps, releases, input and setpoint selection

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